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“Lepakshi Temple” is located in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh which is also known as “Virbhadra Temple”. One of the famous and mysterious temples of India, Lepakshi Temple is famous for its architecture and Hanging Pillar, which will surprise you for a moment. For this reason the Lepakshi Temple is also known as the “Hanging Temple”.

Another thing that makes this temple unique is Bo Ma’s footsteps of Sita. As you step inside the temple, you get a glimpse of the history of the Vijayanagara Empire through pictorial representation. From the shapes of musicians and saints to Parvati and Lord Shiva, the Lepakshi temple has everything that makes it an attraction for archaeological and artistic splendor. Apart from architectural importance, according to Skanda Purana, the temple is a celestial sphere, in other words, an important shrine of Lord Shiva. Lepakshi Temple is a tourist destination in Andhra Pradesh that attracts pilgrims as well as history and art lovers from various parts of the country.

If you too are eager to know about this mystery, then you must read this article completely, in which you are going to know the history of Lepakshi Temple, the secret of Lepakshi Temple and other important things related to the temple.

  • Mystery of Lepakshi Temple

The mystery of Lepakshi Temple is very surprising, which is very difficult to believe, and this mysterious incident has saved the sweat of a big scientist. In fact, there are 70 pillars in this temple, out of which one “pillar or pillar” is attached to the roof but not in the ground but hangs in the air without any support and this strange phenomenon remains the secret of Lepakshi temple. Which attracts tourists from all over the world to witness this incredible event. Once an attempt was made by a British engineer to remove the pillar from its original position but it failed. After that it was confirmed that this Pillar has the same weight as other Pillars.

The Archaeological Survey of India has proved that the construction of this pillar was not a mistake, but a deliberate, well-planned execution that reflects the talent of builders and architects to date.

  • History and Legend of Lepakshi Temple

Please tell us that we do not have any exact information related to the name Lepakshi. But the legend of the Lepakshi temple is associated with two legends –

While he was taking her away, the bird Jatayu tried to save her from his hand. He fell to the floor, losing to Ravana. While he was counting his last breath, Lord Rama helped him attain salvation by saying that ‘Le Pakshi’ which is a ‘bird’ in Telugu. Hence the name Lepakshi originated.

According to another legend, the Lepakshi temple was built in 1538 in the Vijayanagara Empire by two brothers named Virupanna and Veeranna. Virupanna’s son was blind, and he is said to have acquired blindness while playing around the Shivalinga in the temple. Blamed by others for using the royal treasury; Some ask to complete the temple, while some ask for his son to be cured, the king orders his eyes to be closed. Troubled by false accusations, he took the punishment and threw his eyes on the walls of the temple. Therefore, this place got its name Lape-Akshi which means blind village. It is believed that there are still traces of eye blood on the temple wall.

  • Lepakshi Temple Architecture

The sanctum sanctorum.

The entrance to the sanctum sanctorum houses idols of Goddess Yamuna and Ganga. The outer columns of the hall are filled with decorations in the form of carvings of soldiers and horses. The north-eastern part of the room has pictures of Nataraja and Brahma and a dholakiya along with it. One can see carvings of dancing apsaras around it.

The pillars and walls have celestial beings, musicians, dancers, saints, protectors and 14 avatars of Shiva representing 14 incarnations of Lord Shiva. Within the temple, on its eastern wings is the chamber of Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati. The second chamber has the image of Lord Vishnu. While the roof above the temple has paintings of the builder brothers, Virupanna and Viranna.

  • Time to visit Lepakshi Temple

If you are planning to visit Lepakshi temple with your family or friends and are searching for the visit and opening time of Lepakshi temple before going on your trip, then for your information, let us know Lepakshi temple tourists and devotees. It is open from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm to visit the Lepakshi temple.

  • Worship and rituals at Lepakshi Temple

The patta of Lepakshi temple dedicated to Lord Bholenath opens at 6.00 am and after opening the patta, Shiva Linga is consecrated and worshiped from 7:00 am – 7:30 am. After this, Lord Virabhadra is worshiped. Devotees anoint God and Mother and offer clothes. Arpan in the form of sweet pudding – Sarkarai Pongal Nivedhana is also done. Like the temples of Lord Vishnu, devotees are offered here with blessings from the lotus feet of the goddess Sadri. Betel nuts are offered as offerings in the temple.

  • Lepakshi Temple Entrance Fee

Whatever tourists are searching for the entry fee charged in the Virbhadra Temple or Lepakshi Temple, let us know that there is no fee for entering the Lepakshi Temple and seeing Lord Shiva. Whenever you come here, you can see the incredible mystery of the sight of God and the temple without paying any fee.

  • Lepakshi Temple Attractions

Lepakshi Temple is a famous temple of Andhra Pradesh which remains a center of attraction due to its marvelous architecture and strange phenomenon. So let’s know what you can see whenever you come to Lepakshi Temple?

The Hanging Pillar:
One of the strangest things in the temple is the hanging pillar of the Lepakshi temple, due to which this temple is popular in the whole country. It is different from the main hall which is called the wedding hall of Shiva and Parvati. The miraculous thing about the pillar is that one of the 70 pillars of the Lepakshi temple hangs in the air, which still remains the secret of the Lepakshi temple. Often tourists and pilgrims visiting the temple pass the cloth under it to check this hanging pillar.

The Nagalinga of Lepakshi Temple is the largest monolithic Nagling in India. History says that this Naga Linga was made by the sculptors in just one hour while their lunch was being prepared.

Footprint of Durga Padam or Mother Sita:
The footprint of Durga Padam or Maa Sita is one of the major attractions of the Lepakshi temple which makes this place more sacred. It is said in the beliefs that when Ravana was taking Mother Sita to Lanka, at that time these footprints were inscribed on the floor.

Lepakshi Saree Designs:
Whenever you visit this magnificent temple, you also get a chance to see the beautiful Lepakshi saree designs carved on the pillars. This saree design is a symbol of creativity in the hands of the Indian carver with the exquisitely carved textures.

  • Best time to visit Lepakshi Temple

During this time Lepakshi experiences pleasant weather which is ideal for visiting the Lepakshi Temple and the surrounding tourist sites; At this time one can see the grandeur of ancient temples and beautiful carvings on the idols, which are the essence of its culture and history. However, the monsoon also enhances the beauty of Lepakshi to an extent but the weather is less ideal for sightseeing. Therefore, it would be better to plan a visit to Lepakshi Temple in the months of October to March.

Where did the trip to Lepakshi temple stop

Tell me that Lepakshi Temple is located in a small town of Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh, due to which there is limited option to stop here, so whenever you visit the Virbhadra temple, you must search for better options to stay.

How to reach Lepakshi Temple

Tell the tourists visiting the Lepakshi Temple that you can travel to Lepakshi by flying, train or road.

So let us know from the below detail how to go to Lepakshi by flight, train or road.

  • How to go to Lepakshi temple by flight

If you have selected a flight to visit Lepakshi Temple, then know that there is no direct flight connectivity for Lepakshi. Being an international airport, it is widely and actively connected with many major cities in the country as well as countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. After traveling by flight and after landing at the airport, you can hire a bus, cab or a taxi to reach Lepakshi, where you will travel for about 2 hours to reach Lepakshi.

  • How to go by lepakshi train

There is no direct rail connectivity for Lepakshi by traveling by train and telling the tourists visiting Lepakshi Temple. The nearest railway station of Lepakshi is Hindupur railway station, which is about 12 km from Lepakshi. It is very easy to hire taxis from Hindupur railway station to reach Lepakshi.

  • How to reach Lepakshi by road

Lepakshi Temple is connected to many major cities of Andhra Pradesh and India through Hindupur. That is why it is very easy to reach Hindupur by traveling by bus. After landing in Hindupur, tourists can opt for either taxis or buses which often ply for Lepakshi.

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