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Wayanad is located in the state of Kerala, India and is known as a beautiful tourist destination. Wayanad attracts waterfalls, historical caves, scenic temples and mosques etc. Let us know that Wayanad is known for its spice gardens and wildlife sanctuaries. Also, there are many places to visit in Wayanad which attract tourists easily. Tourists can also enjoy trekking in Wayanad. Even for nature lovers, it is nothing less than a paradise. In Wayanad, tourists can see elephants, leopards and bears etc.

If you are planning to have a weekly holiday in a city in South India then Wayanad can be an ideal option. There are three beautiful national parks you can visit in Wayanad district. If you want to know about Wayanad and its major tourist places then do read this article of ours.

  • History of Wayanad

Wayanad has an ancient history associated with Paleolithic civilization and is about 800 years old. Apart from this, the Edakkal caves located in the city of Wayanad are considered to be around 6000 years old from Neolithic civilizations. Also, the forests of Wayanad are more than 3000 years old. Many dynasties ruled in Wayanad of which Kutumbis, Kadambas, Hoysalas, Vijayanagara Empire etc. were the most important. The most powerful ruler of Wayanad was Pazhassi Raja (King Pazhassi). The city of Wayanad developed properly during the rule of Tipu Sultan, but soon it came under the British East India Company.

  • Top tourist places in Wayanad

Wayanad is a beautiful city and has many tourist spots around it, which attract tourists. If you are visiting Wayanad, do not forget to roam these beautiful tourist places.

  • Wayanad Attractions Banasur Dam

Banasur Dam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Wayanad. Explain that the Banasur dam is the largest dam in the country and the second largest dam in Asia. Exciting activities like speed boating in Banasur Dam attract tourists. The Banasur Dam is a tributary of the Kabini River, built over the Karamanathodu River.

  • Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary was established in the year 1973, which is known as an integral part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.

  • Beautiful place to see in Wayanad, Chembra Peak

The place to see in Wayanad is the highest peak of the Chembra Peak Wayanad hill near Bumbling town of Meppadi and about 8 kilometers from Kalpetta. Explain that this peak is located at an altitude of about 2000 meters above sea level.

  • Tree house in Wayanad tourism

You will get many packages to stay here.

  • Wayanad’s famous tourist destination Souchipara Falls

Souchipara Falls is one of the major attractions in Wayanad and is also known as the Sentinel Rock Falls. Sochipara Falls is a three-tier waterfall located in Wayanad, Velenaramala in the state of Kerala. Around the waterfall you will find deciduous, evergreen and montane attracting forests. This waterfall falls from a 200 meter high cliff and attracts tourists. Tourists form part of activities like swimming and bathing here.

  • Famous Tourist Place Gallery of Wayanad

The famous Veethiri in Wayanad is a resort town known for log huts and tree houses. Explain that the Vithiri, situated as 18 villages, is situated at an altitude of 700 meters. Major attractions here include Pukot Lake, Chembara Peak, Sojipara and Meenmutty Falls etc.

  • Good place to visit in Wayanad tourism

One of the main places to visit in Wayanad, Kuruvadweep is a small island located on the river Kabini in Wayanad district of Kerala state. Explain that Kuruvadweep is spread over an area of ​​about 950 acres and is surrounded by other streams of the Kabini River. The natural beauty, attractive environment of Kuruv island attracts tourists towards it. Boats or rafts are used to reach Kuruv island.

  • Sultan Bathory, Wayanad Attractions

Sultan Bathory town of Wayanad attracts tourists to itself. It is a quiet and beautiful city which is situated at an altitude of about 1000 meters above sea level. The major attractions of the city of Sultan Bathri include Ghatia, rocks, plains, Jain temples, historical caves, Ambalaval Heritage Museum, forest trails, beautiful rivers, natural greenery, Edakkal caves, Chethalayam Falls, Muthunga Wildlife Sanctuary, and St. Mary’s Church etc. .

  • Wayanad tourist destination Pookot Lake

Pookot Lake is a natural lake surrounded by the evergreen forests and slopes of Wayanad. Which is located at a distance of about 2 km from Vyari tourism. Pukot Lake is named after one of the most beautiful lakes in Wayanad. The lake is known for its scenic views as well as boating, freshwater aquariums, shopping for handicrafts and cruises. Pookot Lake attracts tourists.

  • Kanthanpara Waterfall, a famous scenic spot in Wayanad

Kanthanpara Falls is one of the famous places in Wayanad and is situated in the middle of two lush green tea gardens. Kanthanapara waterfalls are an ideal place for picnics and nature walks. Tourists come in large numbers to visit the Kanthanpara waterfall and enjoy the charming sights here.

  • Wayanad Tourist Place Chain Tree Wayanad

Chain trees are one such area of ​​Wayanad where frequent incidents take place and some ancient stories emerge from behind it. According to a story, the chain tree road was built by a foreign engineer. It is said that the engineer shot and killed a young man, since then his soul is in a tree here. According to another story, when the British visited Wayanad for the first time. Then a tribal Mahavata led him to the top of the mountain as the Portuguese were following him. The British did not want the Mahavat to somehow be handed over to the Purgals, so they killed him, a Pandit later tied the soul of the Mahavata to a tree which is believed to be the cause of the events.

  • Places to see in Wayanad tourism: Paripathalam Bird Sanctuary

Attracted places to visit in Wayanad The Paktipatham Bird Sanctuary is no less a paradise for nature lovers and bird lovers. Here you can see many rare species of birds and plants. The Paktipatham Bird Century is also popular among campers. The sanctuary is well preserved and you can visit the natural areas here as well as some rock cut caves.

  • The famous temple of Wayanad, Thirunelli Temple

The scenic Thirunelli temple in Wayanad is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and the glory of the temple is such that devotees come to visit their Ishta Dev on their own. It is an ancient temple which is situated in the valley and is known as an important pilgrimage site. The name of the temple is derived from Amla tree and there is a story behind it. Which is related to the identification of the idol of Shri Hari Vishnu under the Amla tree by Lord Brahma.

  • Places to visit in Wayanad Tourism

Explain that most of the time there is mist on the wooden viewpoint and the attracted view of hairpin can be enjoyed with driving.

  • Banasur hill, the beautiful place of Wayanad

The Banasur hill is one of the highest mountains in the Wayanad region and is an important part of the Western Ghats in India. Explain that the height of Banasura hill is more than about 2000 meters. In this hill, you will get experience of seeing different types of flora and fauna. Also, the scenic beauty of the hill, the excursion, the trekking, the attractive environment compel the tourists to come here again and again.

  • Neelimala Viewpoint, a great place to hang out with family in Wayanad

Neelimala, the delightful tourist destination of Wayanad, offers a splendid view of its lush natural flora and the charming Meenamuti waterfall. The major attractions of the Neelimala viewpoint are the trekking and exciting high-point experiences through exciting misty trails. As you move up, fragrant and fresh air fills your hair with joy. The sound of birds chirping captivates tourists.

  • Wayanad’s major sightseeing heritage museum

The Heritage Museum of Wayanad is also known as Ambalaval Heritage Museum. It is an archaeological museum and tourists come here to visit in large numbers. Artifacts belonging to tribes dating back to the second century have been stored in the Wayanad Heritage Museum. The items collected in the museum include Neolithic era daily objects, decorative objects, memorial stones, terracotta sculptures etc. The Wayanad Heritage Archaeological Museum is divided into four parts namely Devasmriti, Gotrasamriti, Veerasmriti and Jeevan Vriddhi.

  • Chethalayam Waterfall in Wayanad Tourism

Chethalayam Waterfall is one of the seasonal waterfalls in the state of Kerala. The water falling from the waterfall gathers the crowd of tourists due to its height. You can also see colorful birds around this waterfall. As well as sambar, gaur, elephant, spotted deer and lazy bear etc. are the major attractions here.

  • Palchuram waterfall in Wayanad

The famous Palchuram waterfall of Wayanad is located at Bawan Wayanad and Coonoor in the state of Kerala. Which is known for its beauty and the water of the waterfall falling from a height of 300 meters is divided into four parts.

  • Wayanad tourism worth seeing poopoli flower show

The Poopoli Flower Show worth seeing in Wayanad attracts a lot of tourists. The Pupoli National Agrifest and Wayanad Flower Show is held in Ambalavayal in Kerala state in January every year and the new year begins with this show. Explain that this show is the biggest show of Kerala state flowers. The latest techniques and trends of horticultural floriculture are shared.

  • Wayanad Attractions Meenmutty Falls Kalpetta

The famous Meenmutty Falls in Wayanad district are located at a distance of about 29 km from Kalpetta. Let me tell you that Meenmutty waterfall is the largest waterfall in Kalpetta region and the second largest waterfall in the state of Kerala. It is one of the most exciting and beautiful natural attractions of Meenmutty Falls Wayanad. Beautiful natural surroundings near the waterfall, enchanting view along the jungle trek etc. fascinate the tourists. Spring water falls from a height of about 300 feet, cascading into three different levels.

  • Karapuzha Dam Kalpetta, the major tourist destination of Wayanad

The Karapuzha Dam is one of the places to visit in Wayanad district on both sides of the Karapuzha River. Karapuzha Dam is one of the largest dams in India and is open to tourists. The major attractions of Karapuzha Dam are the attractive hills, scenic beauty, leafy islands and the breathtaking view of aquatic birds touches the heart of tourists. The water of Karapuzha Dam is 158 feet deep. Explain that the construction of the dam started in 1977 and was completed for irrigation in the year 2004.

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